South Korea has thousands of temples, so when we set out to pick the Top 3 Most Beautiful temples in South Korea, we had A LOT to choose from.

We hope you will enjoy our list of winners, comment below if we missed a temple you want to see mentioned in the list.

1. Gakwonsa Temple

This temple was built in 1977 at Mt. Taejo and features a massive 60+ ton bronze statue of Buddha.

This is one you won’t need a map to find, it’s pretty hard to miss.

2. Bongeunsa Temple

When I lived in South Korea I would visit this temple every day.  It is a patch of tranquility in an otherwise bustling capital city of 12 million people.

Built in 794, this temple gets tens of thousands of visitors every day.  The temple also has over 3000 Buddhist scriptures, and holds a ceremony every 9th of the month.  So if you are visiting on the 9th be sure to pencil it in to your itenerary!

Bongeunsa Temple


3. Tapsa Temple

This temple is only accessible by hiking through Maisan Mountains, which are in the North Jeolla Province. It has a unique rocky look with many rock sculptures surrounding it and a rocky environment as it is nestled beneath a cliff.  Watch for falling rocks at this one!

Tapsa Temple

4. Sudeoksa Temple

This is a beautiful temple that’s 1,500 years old, you’ll find it in the Deoksugung Mountains.


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