Temple Stay: Jeondeungsa Temple (Gyeonggi-do)


(Courtesy of the Jeondeungsa Temple Stay website)

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Introduction to the Temple:

Jeondeungsa Temple is situated on Ganghwa-do Island. Jeondeungsa Temple was first established in the 4th century by the monk Ado, and it was formally called Jinjongsa Temple. It received its current name in 1282. It’s believed by some that Jeondeungsa Temple is the oldest temple on the Korean peninsula. The temple helped defend against the invading Mongols. In fact, the Goryeo Royal Family temporarily took up residence at the temple after the capital of Gaeseong had been overrun. From 1719 until 1910, Jeondeungsa Temple was in charge of protecting the ancestral records of the Joseon Dynasty royal family. As a result, senior monks from Jeondeungsa Temple were highly regarded during the Joseon Dynasty.

As for the temple itself, Jeondeungsa Temple is situated inside the walls of Samnang Fortress, which was originally built to protect Korea from foreign invaders. You’ll have to pass through the fortress gate, which is now the gate to the temple. Jeondeungsa Temple is one of the smaller Temple Stay temples that you can stay at; but with that being said, it still has a fair bit to see like the naked woman carved into the eaves of the main hall.

Jeondeungsa Temple offers two Temple Stay programs at their temple. The first is the Recuperation Schedule, which allows participants to relax and choose whatever activities they want to ensure a stress free and relaxing stay. The other schedule, the Regular Schedule, allows participants to enjoy  a genuine monastic experience. Participants take part in Buddhist services, communal work at the temple, monastic meals, meditation, and a talk with a monk.


(Courtesy of the Jeondeungsa Temple Stay website)


First, you’ll have to get to Incheon. Once there, and from the Shinchon Subway Station (Line #2), use exit #4 and walk 100 metres. From there, take bus #3100 to Onsuri Terminal, which can be found in front of Artreon Cinema. Get off at Onsuri. Walk to the temple from there. It should take about 20 minutes.

Or, and again from Incheon, you can take the Incheon Express City Bus, #700. From there, get off at the Onsu-ri Station. Signs should lead you the rest of the way to the temple

General Schedule:

There are two types of programs at Jeondeungsa Temple. The first is the Regular Temple Stay schedule, while the other is the Recuperation Schedule, which runs year round.

A: The Regular Temple Stay Schedule:

Day 1:
13:00: Registration & Room Allocation
14:00: Orientation – Familiarization with Basic Temple Rules & Practices
15:00: Temple Tour
17:00: Temple Dinner
18:00: Buddhist Ceremonial Service (Striking the Temple Bell)
18:30: Healing Yoga or Seon Meditation
21:00: Sleep

Day 2:
04:00: Wake Up
04:30: Buddihist Ceremonial Service (Ye-bool)
05:00: 108 Prostrations & Seon Meditation
06:00: Balwoo Gongyang (Formal Monastic Meal)
07:30: Community Work
08:00: Walking Mediation (Mt. Jeongjoksan)
09:00: Rest
09:30: Tea Time with a Monk (Tea Ceremony)
11:00: Room Cleaning
11:30: Temple Lunch
12:00: Check Out

Happy Evening with the chanting bell

(Courtesy of the Jeondeungsa Temple Stay website)

B: The Recuperation Schedule:

Day 1:

13:00~13:30: Registration & Room Allocation
13:30~17:00: Free Time
17:30~18:00: Temple Dinner
18:30~19:00: Evening Buddihism Ceremony
19:05~20:30: Tea Time with a Monk
20:30~21:00: Ready for Sleep
21:00~: Sleep

Day 2:
04:00~04:30: Wake Up
04:30~05:00: Buddhist Ceremonial Service(Ye-bool)
05:00~06:30: Free Time
06:30~07:00: Temple Breakfast
07:00~11:30: Free Time
11:30~12:00: Temple Lunch
12:00: Check Out

Jeondeungsa Temple Information:

Address : 635, Onsu-ri, Gilsang-myeon Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
Tel : 82-32-937-0152 / Fax : 82-32-232-5450
homepage : http://www.jeondeungsa.org
E-mail : jeondeungsa@templestay.com


Adults: 60,000 won; Teens: 40,000 won; Under 13: 0 won (Regular Schedule; 1 nights, 2 days).

Adults: 40,000 won; Teens: 30,000 won; Under 13: 0 won (Recuperation Schedule; 1 nights, 2 days).


Reservations for the Regular Schedule at Jeondeungsa Temple.

Reservations for the Recuperation Schedule at Jeondeungsa Temple.

(Courtesy of the Jeondeungsa Temple Stay website).