Temple Stay: Naesosa Temple (Buan, Jeollabuk-do)

The main hall at Naesosa Temple. Hello Again Everyone!! Introduction to the Temple: Naesosa Temple was first constructed in 633 A.D. by the monk Hyegu. This was during the Baekje Dynasty (18 B.C. – 660 A.D); presently, it’s on the … Continue reading

Naesosa Temple – 내소사 (Buan, Jeollabuk-do)

 The beautiful interior of the main hall at Naesosa Temple in Buan, Jeollabuk-do. Hello Again Everyone!! On the southern outskirts of Byeonsan Bando National Park lies Naesosa Temple. It was first built by the monk, Hye-gu, in 633, during the … Continue reading

The Sermon on Vulture Peak Painting – Yeongsan Hoesang-do (영산 회상도)

The famous Yeongsan Heosang-do at Gimryongsa Temple that dates back to 1703. Hello Again Everyone!! The English name for the Yeongsan Hoesang-do is “The Sermon on Vulture Peak” painting. It is a highly symbolic painting that most people see at … Continue reading

Jeollabuk-do Temples

 1. Geumsansa Temple (Gimje, Jeollabuk-do): 10/10 2. Tapsa Temple (Jinan, Jeollabuk-do): 9/10 3. Seonunsa Temple (Gochang, Jeollabuk-do): 8/10 4. Songgwangsa Temple (Wanju, Jeollabuk-do): 8/10 5. Silsangsa Temple (Namwon, Jeollabuk-do): 7.5/10 6. Naejangsa Temple (Jeongeup, Jeollabuk-do): 7/10 7. Naesosa Temple (Buan, … Continue reading

The Temple Stay Program

A: Introduction: The Temple Stay program in Korea first started in 2002, just in time for the World Cup. The program was started to give people an opportunity to experience Korean Buddhist culture, which is an integral part of Korea’s … Continue reading

Top Rated Korean Temples

1. Tongdosa Temple (Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do): 10/10 2. Bulguksa Temple (Gyeongju): 10/10 3. Seokguram Hermitage (Gyeongju): 10/10 4. Changdeokgung Palace (Seoul): 10/10 5. Hwaeomsa Temple (Jirisan National Park, Jeollanam-do): 10/10 6. Samneung Valley Pt. 1 (Gyeongju): 10/10 7. Samneung Valley Pt. 2 (Gyeongju): … Continue reading