Temple Architecture

1. The Main Buddha Hall –¬†Daeung-jeon¬†

2. The One Pillar Gate – Iljumun

3. The Diamond Gate – Geumgangmun

4. The Four Heavenly Kings of Korean Temple Gates – Cheonwangmun

5. The Gate of Non-Duality – Bulimun

6. The Universal Salvation Pavilion – Boje-ru

7. The Hall of Immeasurable Life – Muryangsu-jeon

8. The Hall of Silence and Light – Daejeokgwang-jeon

9. The Hall of Yaksa-bul – Yaksayore-jeon

10. The Hall of Avalokitesvara – Gwaneum-jeon

11. The Judgment Hall – Myeongbu-jeon

12. The Hall of 1,000 Buddhas

13. The Bell Pavilion

14. The Founder’s Hall – Josa-jeon

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  1. Hello, I really like your website. It is very informative and interesting for people like me who doesn’t know anything about Seoul. I am staying for 18h in Seoul in two weeks and I would like if you can recommend me which sites (or temples) I can visit during night time (it is ok if the temple is close at night time but it is worthy to stop by to take a picture because the architecture). I will appreciate your time and help.
    Best regards,
    Gladys Medina

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