Gyeongju Temples

1. Bulguksa Temple (Gyeongju): 10/10

2. Seokguram Hermitage (Gyeongju): 10/10

3. Samneung Valley Pt. 1 (Gyeongju): 10/10

4. Samneung Valley Pt. 2 (Gyeongju): 10/10

5. Golgulsa Temple (Gyeongju): 9.5/10

6. Anapji (Gyeongju): 9/10

7. Chilbulam Hermitage (Gyeongju): 9/10

8. Bucheobawi/Okryongam Hermitage (Gyeongju): 8/10

9. Sinseonsa Temple (Gyeongju): 8/10

10. Borisa Temple (Gyeongju): 8/10

11. Daeheungsa Temple (Gyeongju): 8/10

12. Girimsa Temple (Gyeongju): 7.5/10

13. Gulbulsa-ji Temple Site (Gyeongju): 7.5/10

14. Mt. Seondosan (Gyeongju): 7.5/10

15. Jusaam Hermitage (Gyeongju): 7.5/10

16. Bunhwangsa Temple (Gyeongju): 7/10

17. Bucheogol Halmae (Gyeongju): 7/10

18. Baeknyulsa Temple (Gyeongju): 7/10

19. Yeongheungsa Temple (Gyeongju): 7/10

20. Mangwolsa Temple (Gyeongju): 7/10

21. Jungsaengsa Temple/Neungji-tap (Gyeongju): 7/10

22. Wonwonsa Temple (Gyeongju): 6.5/10

23. Geumseonsa Temple/Seonwonsa Temple (Gyeongju): 6.5/10

24. Sambulsa Temple (Gyeongju): 6.5/10

25. Seondosa Temple/King Jinheung’s Tomb (Gyeongju): 6/10

26. Nawonsa Temple (Gyeongju): 5/10

27. Heungnyunsa Temple (Gyeongju): 4/10

28. Seongjuam Hermitage (Gyeongju): 4/10

29. Hwangnyong-saji Temple Remains (Gyeongju): 2.5/10

30. Beopjangsa Temple (Gyeongju): 2/10

2 thoughts on “Gyeongju Temples

  1. Hi Dale!

    Thank you for such an extensive review of the different Gyeongju temples.
    I would like to ask for some tips from you.

    My friends and I are visiting Gyeongju for one day and would want to take at least one hike trail but we also want to visit bulguksa temple and seokguram grotto. I wonder if you have any recommendation with hopefully these destinations.

    Thank you very much.

    • You’re most definitely welcome about the Gyeongju temple reviews. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many English language websites about Korean temples, so hopefully I’m doing my part with helping out.

      As for a hike, I’m not sure about the intensity or duration of hike you would like to do. But I would highly recommend the Samneung Valley hike: The link I have provided is for the lower portion of the valley. There are several things you can see along the way. And if you’re feeling up to it, you can continue along the steeper portion of the upper valley:

      You could do either hike in the morning, have a nice lunch, and visit Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Hermitage in the afternoon.

      Hope that helps. And I hope you enjoy Gyeongju as much as I do.

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