Temple Stay: International Seon Center (Seoul)

(Courtesy of the Korean Temple Stay website)

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Introduction to the Temple:

The International Seon Center first opened its doors on November 15th, 2010. The center was opened so that both Koreans and ex-pats could enjoy and experience Korean Buddhism. In total, the center consists of nine floors. The first two underground floors are reserved for parking, while the final underground floor is reserved for the Education and Culture Hall. The first floor of the building houses the center’s office and restaurant. The third and fourth floor, respectively, house the Event Hall and the Dining Room. The fifth floor, and the floor you’re probably most interested in, is reserved for the Temple Stay Program; while the sixth and seventh floor consist of the monks’ living quarters and the Geumcha Seon Hall (or the Practice Hall). As you can see, this center truly has it all.

The Temple Stay program at the International Seon Center focuses primarily on meditation. In addition, you can also enjoy making prayer beads, learn about a traditional Buddhist meal, or have a dharma talk. You can also enjoy the Dharma Talk program, which takes place every Saturday night for both beginners and advanced practitioners of Buddhism.

(Courtesy of the International Seon Center website).


To get to the International Seon Center from Seoul, you’ll need to take subway line #5 to Omokgyo Subway Station. Exit out exit #8 and walk straight until you get to the first intersection (there will be a bank on the corner). Turn left at this intersection and walk straight until you get to the Mokdong Middle School, which will be on your left. Across the street from this middle school is the nine-story International Seon Center.

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General Schedule:

The International Seon Center runs two different types of programs. The first is the typical, one night, two days program, where participants get to live like a Buddhist monk. The other program is on Saturday night, and it’s a Dharma Talk where both beginners and advance practitioners are actively encouraged to participate. Here are the two schedules for both programs.

A: Regular Schedule:

Day One:
13:00~13:30 : Registration & Orientation
13:30~15:00 : Temple Manners & Opening Ceremony
15:00~16:20 : Self- Introduction
16:30~17:30 : Learn Traditional Buddhist Meal
17:30~18:20 : Dinner
18:30~19:00 : Evening Service
19:00~20:30 : Make 108 Prayer’s Beads
20:30~21:00 : Ready for Sleep
21:00~ : Sleep

Day Two:
03:00~03:30 : Wake Up & Wash
03:30~04:00 : Dawn Service
04:00~04:30 : 108 Bows
04:30~06:00 : Seon Mediation (in silence)
06:00~07:30 : Breakfast
07:30~09:00 : Tour to a Hermitage
09:00~10:00 : Dharma Talk
10:00~10:40 : Community Work & Survey
10:40~ : Closing Ceremony

(Courtesy of the International Seon Center website).

B: Dharma Talk Schedule:

7:00~7:30 pm  Free sitting / Personal Interview
7:30~7:40 pm  Group walking / Noble silence
7:40~8:00 pm  Group sitting / Noble silence
8:00~8:10 pm  Group walking / Noble silence
8:20~8:30 pm  Group sitting / Noble silence
8:30~9:00 pm  Dharma talk / Q&A
9:00~9:30 pm  Free talking / Personal Interview

International Seon Center Information:

Address : 319-11 Sinjeong 6-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel : 02)2650-2242 / Fax : 02)2650-2201
homepage : http://www.seoncenter.or.kr/
E-mail : seoncenter@templestay.com


Adults: 50,000 won; Teens: 50,000 won; Under 13: 30,000 won (One Night, Two Days Program)

Adults: Free – Donations Welcomed (Saturday Dharma Talk).


Reservations for the Temple Stay Program at the International Seon Center.

For more information on the Saturday evening Dharma talks.

(Courtesy of the International Seon Center website)

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