Temple Stay: Myogaksa Temple (Seoul)

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Introduction to the Temple:

Myogaksa Temple is located in downtown Seoul in the Jongno-gu district. And it’s situated at the base of Mt. Naksan, so you get a great view of the entire city of Seoul. Myogaksa Temple is a relatively new temple, at least in context to its long history. Myogaksa Temple was first established in 1930 by Ven. Taeheo. The reason that he built the temple where he did, and according to geomancy, was to put the city of Seoul at ease. The temple grounds themselves are rather small; however, the temple buildings are beautifully arranged both with each other and nature. The true highlight to this temple is the beautifully carved image of Gwanseeum-bosal (The Bodhisattva of Compassion).

As for the Temple Stay program at Myogaksa Temple, the temple runs two kinds of programs: one is overnight, while the other is a day program. The Regular Program, which runs one night and two days, focuses on meditation, communal work, prayer, and the power of silence. The two day programs are almost identical to each other, the only major difference is that one is strictly run on Saturday (and earlier in the day), while the other runs every other day (and is later in the day). During the day programs, you can enjoy bead making, a tea ceremony, or a temple tour.

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From Seoul:

Myogaksa Temple is located near Dongmyo Apt. (동묘앞 역 Line #1 or #6) subway station. Exit Dong-Myo station at exit #2 and turn left. Walk down the street 50 metres, while following the signs to Myogaksa Temple. Find the shop named Beaute (a cosmetic store) or 7-Eleven, and turn left. Walk up the hill to the first intersection. Find a small sign on a pole to direct you. Turn right at the intersection. Find a laundry shop on your right side. And keep going until you get to the temple.

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General Schedule:

Myogaksa Temple runs three different programs at its temple. The first, and the longest of the three, is the Regular Schedule program, which lasts one night and two days. The other two programs are day programs. One is run during the week, while the other takes place only on Saturdays.

A: Regular Schedule:

Day 1:
14:30: Registration and Distribution of Uniforms
15:00: Orientation
16:00: 108 Prostrations, Making 108 Prayer Beads, Meditation
18:00: Bell-Striking and Buddhist Ceremony
18:30: Dinner
19:30: Personal Time
20:00: Preparing to Sleep
21:00: Time to Sleep

Day 2:
04:30: Wake-Up Time
05:00: Bell-Striking & Predawn Service
05:30: Early Morning Mindful Meditation
06:00: Taking a Walk in Mt. Naksan Park (Subject to change according to the weather)
07:00: Breakfast
08:00: Tea Ceremony
09:00: Group Work (Cleaning the Temple or a Room)
10:00: Departure
*Subject to change.

B: One Day Program (other than Saturday):

10:30: Registration & Distribution of Uniforms
11:00: Orientation
11:20: Making 108 Prayer Beads
12:00: Lunch (Vegetarian)
13:00: Temple Tour
13:30: Tea Ceremony & Meditation
15:00: Departure

C: One Day Program (Saturdays):

14:30: Registration & Distribution of Uniforms
15:00: Orientation
15:30: Making 108 Prayer Beads
17:00: Meditation & Tea Ceremony
18:00: Bell Striking, Buddhist Chanting Ceremony, Temple Tour
18:30: Dinner
19:30~20:00: Departure


(Courtesy of the Myogaksa Temple website)

Myogaksa Temple Information:

Address : 178-3, Sungin-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
Tel : 82-2-763-3109 / Fax : 82-2-763-3305
homepage : http://www.myogaksa.net
E-mail : myogaktemple@naver.com


Adults: 95,000 won; Teens: 80,000 won; Under 13: 80,000 won (Regular Schedule; 1 nights, 2 days).

Adults: 50,000 won; Teens: 40,000 won; Under 13: 40,000 won (Both One Day Programs)


Reservations for the Regular Program at Myogaksa Temple.

Reservations for the Day Program at Myogaksa Temple.

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