Temple Stay: Seonunsa Temple (Jeollabuk-do)

(Courtesy of the Seonunsa Temple Stay website)

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Introduction to the Temple:

Seonunsa Temple was first built during the reign of the Baekje king, King Wideok, in 577 A.D. by the Ven. Geomdan. During the Joseon Dynasty, the temple prospered and grew to 189 temple buildings and 89 hermitages. However, like much of Korea, it was completely destroyed during the Imjin War (1592 to 1598). Now, Seonunsa Temple consists of 13 buildings including the beautiful Daeungbo-jeon Hall (Main Buddha Hall). But perhaps Seonunsa Temple is best known for the 500 year old camellia trees that bloom behind the temple. They are designated a natural monument by the Korean government. And if you get the opportunity, a visitor should really make the extra effort to visit Dosolam Hermitage on Mt. Dosolsan to see the amazing scenery.

Seonunsa Temple has one of the more diverse and dynamic Temple Stay programs in Korea. For those simply wishing to relax, they can take advantage of the Relaxation-Type program. They can pretty much come and go as they please just as long as they attend the pre-dawn and evening ceremonies. Another program that Seonunsa Temple offers is the Practicing Program, where one comes as close to living like a monk without actually being a monk. The other three schedules, which fall under the Standard Program, are the Theme-Based schedules. In these programs, a person can pick the activities that they want to enjoy whether it be a tea ceremony, making tea, or wood carving. It truly seems like Seonunsa Temple has something for everyone.

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(Courtesy of the Seonunsa Temple Stay website)


From Seoul, take subway lines #3, #7, or #9 to the Seoul Express Bus Terminal, and get a bus for Gochang (3 hours 40 minutes). From the Gochang Intercity Bus Terminal, you can take a local bus to Seonunsa (30 minutes).

General Schedule:

Seonunsa Temple provides 5 different types of schedules for their Temple Stay program. There are three more general schedules, with two more specific schedules for the Theme-Type Program.

A: Relaxation-Type Program:

Here is the schedule for the Relaxation-Type Schedule. This type of program is a one night two day program that simply focuses on relaxation. Although there is no strict schedule to follow, you are encouraged to attend the pre-dawn and evening ceremonies.

Day 1:

15:00~16:00: Arrival & Registration/Temple Tour (Training, Uniform Distribution & Room Assignment)
16: 00~: Free Time
17:10~17:40: Dinner
18:00~18:20: Evening Ceremonial Service
18:20~21:00: Free Time/Conversation with a Monk
21:00~21:30: Preparing for Bed
21:30~: Bed Time (Lights out)


Day 2:
04:00: Wake Up
04:10~04:50: Pre-Dawn Ceremonial Service
04:50~06:10: Free Time
06:10~06::50: Breakfast
06:50~: Free Time
11:50~12:30: Lunch Time
12:30~13:00: Tidy Up the Room & Packing
13:00: Departure


(Courtesy of the Seonunsa Temple Stay website)

B: Practicing Program:

Here is the schedule for the practicing program at Seonunsa Temple. This program provides the unique opportunity to learn about Korean Buddhism through monastic activities including 108 bows and a relic visit.

Day 1:
15:00~16:00: Arrival & Registration (Training, Uniform Distribution and a Short Temple Tour)
16:00~16:30: Temple Manners Class
16:30~17:30: Baru Meal Offering Ceremony
17:50~18:10: Striking a Bell
18:10~18:30: Evening Ceremony
18:30~19:30: Zen Meditation
19:50~21:00: Conversation with a Monk
21:00~21:30: Preparing for Bed
21:30~: Bed Time (Lights out)


Day 2:
04:00: Wake Up
04:10~04:50: Early Morning Ceremony
05:00~06:00: 108 Bows
06:10~06:50: Breakfast
06:50~07:50: Rest
08:00~09:00: Zen Meditation
09:00~09:30: Rest
09:30~11:30: Walking Meditation to Dosolam Hermitage
11:40~12~30: Lunch
12:30~13:00: Tidy up the Room & Packing
13:00~: Closing Ceremony & Departure


(Courtesy of the Seonunsa Temple Stay website)

C: The Standard-Theme Program:

Here is just one, of the three, standard theme program schedules that they offer at Seonunsa Temple. While this schedule focuses on a tea ceremony, the other activities for the two other schedules are wood carving and making green/lotus tea.

Day 1:
15:00: Arrival & Registration, Temple Tour & Temple Manners Class (Uniform Distribution & Room Assignment)
16:00: Tea Ceremony
17:10: Dinner (Evening Meal Offering)
17:50: Striking a Bell
18:00: Evening Ceremony
18:30~19:30: Making 108 Prayer Beads
19:30~20:30: Conversation with a Monk
21:00: Bedtime (Lights Out)


Day 2:
04:00~: Wake Up
04:10~05:00: Early Morning Ceremony
05:00~06:00: Zen Meditation
06:10~07:00: Breakfast
07:00~08:00: Communal work
08:10~11:00: Walking Meditation to Dosolam
11:40~12:20: Lunch (Mid-Day Meal Offering)
13:00: Packing & Tidy Up the Room


Seonunsa Temple Information:

Address : 500, Samin-ri, Asan-myeon Gochang-gun Jeollabuk-do
Tel : +82-63-561-1375 / Fax :
homepage : http://www.seonunsa.org
E-mail : seonuntemple@templestay.com


Adults: 60,000 won; Teens: 60,000 won; Under 13: 0 won (Experience-Type Schedule; 2 nights, 3 days).

Adults: 80,000 won; Teens: 80,000 won; Under 13: 0 won (Theme Schedule 1 night, 2 days).

Adults: 40,000 won; Teens: 40,000 won; Under 13: 0 won (Relaxation-Type Schedule 1 night, 2 days).


Reservations for the Seonunsa Temple Stay program.

General information about the Seonunsa Temple Stay program.

(Courtesy of the Seonunsa Temple Stay website)

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