Temple Stay: Donghwasa Temple (Daegu)


 The massive 30 metre tall statue of Yaksayore-bul at Donghwasa Temple in Daegu.

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Introduction to the Temple:

On the northern part of Daegu, on Mt. Palgongsan, sits Donghwasa Temple (Paulownia Blossom Temple). Donghwasa Temple was first built in 493 A.D. by the monk, Geukdal-jonja. Other than the lavishly decorated main hall, the real highlight to this temple is the newer section to the temple and the long path that leads up to it. A massive 30 metre tall stone statue of Yaksayore-bul (The Medicine Buddha) stands in the centre of an equally beautiful enclave. The enclave is decorated with various shaman deities, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. In front of the massive Buddha stand equally massive stone lanterns and pagodas.

The Temple Stay program at Donghwasa Temple is called “Using Meditation in the Search for My True Self.” So it goes without saying that the central focus of this program is meditation. In fact, participants enjoy Seon meditation near stupas of ancient masters where auspicious energy resides. Other interesting features include making prayer beads and a Dharma talk.

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From Seoul, take subway lines No. 1 or No. 4 and get off at Seoul Station. Get a KTX Express Train for Dongdaegu Station (about 1 hour 50 minutes), then walk 10 minutes to the front of Pamita Hospital, where you can take Bus No. 1 to Donghwasa Temple (45 minutes).

And from Daegu, from the Seobu (west) Intercity Bus Terminal in Daegu, you’ll need to take the subway, line 1, that heads towards Anshim and get off at Ahyanggyo Station. From here, take Express Bus #1. The ride will take you about 35 minutes, and it brings you right to the temple.

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General Schedule:

Donghwasa Temple runs three separate programs for their Temple Stay program.

A: Donghwasa Temple Regular Schedule: This program is a scheduled program that runs one night and two days.

Day 1:

13:00~13:30 : Registration & Orientation
13:30~15:00 : Temple Manners Opening Ceremony
15:00~16:20 : Self- Introduction
16:30~17:30 : Learn Traditional Buddhist Meal
17:30~18:20 : TBD
18:30~19:00 : Evening Service
19:00~20:30 : Make 108 Prayer’s Beads
20:30~21:00 : Ready for Sleep
21:00~ : Sleep

Day 2:
03:00~03:30 : Wake up & Wash
03:30~04:00 : Dawn Service
04:00~04:30 : 108 Bows
04:30~06:00 : Seon Mediation
06:00~07:30 : Breakfast
07:30~09:00 : Tour of a Hermitage
09:00~10:00 : Dharma Talk
10:00~10:40 : Community Work & Survey
10:40~11:40 : Tea ceremony or Conversation with monks with tea
11:40~: Lunch and closing

(Courtesy of the Korean Temple Stay website).

B: Donghwasa Temple Daytime Schedule: This program is run during the day and there are two different programs that people can enjoy.

1. [3~4hr program]

Temple tour and two special activities
– Optional: Seon meditation, Barugongyang, Tea ceremony, Making Lotus Lantern

2. [4~6hr program]
Temple tour and four special acitivities
– Seon meditation, Barugongyang, Tea ceremony, Making Lotus Lantern

C: Donghwasa Temple Rest Schedule: This program has no set schedule and participants can enjoy morning service, meditation, or temple strolls. Also, one can stay just one day or up to a week (depending on vacancies).

(Courtesy of the Korean Temple Stay website).

Donghwasa Temple Information:

Address : 35, Dohak-dong Dong-gu Daegu
Tel : +82-53-982-0223 / Fax : +82-53-985-0223
homepage : http://www.dhtemple.org
E-mail : saerom_suk@daum.net


Adults: 80,000 won; Teens: 60,000 won; Under 13: 40,000 won (Regular Schedule)

Adults: 20,000 to 30,000 won; Teens: 0 won; Under 13: 0 won (Daytime Schedule)

Adults: 70,000 won; Teens: 50,000 won; Under 13: 40,000 won (Rest Schedule)


Reservations for the Regular Schedule at Donghwasa Temple.

Reservations for the One Day Schedule at Donghwasa Temple.

 Reservations for the Rest Schedule at Donghwasa Temple.


 An up-close look at Yaksayore-bul.

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