Temple Stay: Beomeosa Temple (Busan)

CSC_1987The beautiful Beomeosa Temple in Busan.

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In an all new segment on the website, and since a few of you have been asking for it, I thought I would now include the popular Temple Stay program.

Introduction to the Temple:

Beomeosa Temple (Fish Sutra Temple), in Busan, is beautifully situated on the slopes of Mt. Geumjeongsan (Golden Well Mountain). Beomeosa Temple dates back to 678 A.D., when it was founded by the famous monk, Uisang-daesa. Beomeosa Temple is filled with beautiful halls, and the gates that lead up to the temple grounds are certainly no different. The highlights to this temple are the Cheonwangmun Gate, the Iljumun Gate, and the Daeungjeon Hall (the main hall).

As for the Temple Stay program itself, it focuses on the practice of Buddhism. The way that this is practiced is through chanting, bowing, a tea ceremony and meditation. In addition to these features, hiking and bead making are also highlighted in the Beomeosa Temple Stay program.

For more information on Beomeosa Temple.

(courtesy of the Beomeosa Temple Stay website)


You can get to Beomeosa Temple in one of two ways. In both scenarios you first have to take the Busan subway, line one, to Beomeosa station and take exit #1. Here, you can either walk a thirty minute hike up a winding road to Beomeosa Temple, or you can walk a block uphill to the bus stop where you can take bus #90 to the Beomeosa Temple entrance.

From the temple entrance gate, and to get to the Temple Stay building at Beomeosa Temple, it’ll take you ten to fifteen minutes. The name of the building for the temple stay is called the Hyu Hyu Jeongsa (휴휴 정사). You’ll make your way towards the temple buildings and gates. Just before the first gate, you’ll see a small path to your left. There will also be a sign with a red arrow pointing you towards where you should go. Follow to the left and follow the signs that read “Temple Stay.”

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General Schedule:

Day 1:
13:00~13:30 : Registration & Orientation
13:30~15:00 : Temple Manners/Opening Ceremony
15:20~16:20 : Self-Introduction
16:30~17:30 : Learn Traditional Buddhist Meal
17:30~18:20 : Dinner
18:30~19:00 : Evening Service
19:00~20:30 : Make 108 Prayer Beads
20:30~21:00 : Ready for Sleep
21:00~ : Sleep

Day 2:
03:00~03:30 : Wake up & Wash
03:30~04:00 : Dawn Service
04:00~04:30 : 108 Bows
04:30~06:00 : Seon Mediation
06:00~07:30 : Breakfast
07:30~09:00 : Tour of a Local Hermitage
09:00~10:00 : Dharma Talk
10:00~10:40 : Community Work & Survey
10:40~ : Closing Ceremony

(courtesy of the Beomeosa Temple Stay website)

Beomeosa Temple Information:

Address : 546, Cheongnyong-dong Geumjeong-gu Busan
Tel : +82-51-508-5726 / Fax : +82-51-508-3229
Homepage : http://www.beomeosa.co.kr/templestay/eng/sub7.php
E-mail : beomeosa@templestay.com


Adults: 50,000 won; Teens: 45,000 won; Under 13: 40,000 won


To make a reservation for the Beomeosa Temple Stay, follow this link.

CSC_2012The gates that guide your way to the main hall.


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