Beopjangsa Temple – 법장사 (Gyeongju)


One of the fierce guardians, Ha, on the entrance doors of Beopjangsa Temple.

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In the next few postings I thought I would write about Gyeongju.  I thought I would post the postings as you geographically move through the city towards your final destination of Seokguram Hermitage.  That’s why, today, we’re starting off with Beopjangsa Temple (법장사); it’s the closest temple to the intercity bus terminal. So without any further ado, here’s Beopjangsa Temple!

Beopjangsa Temple is a rather unimpressive temple along the main road in Gyeongju.   In fact, if it wasn’t between where you’re dropped off at the bus station and the rear entrance of Tumulus Park, I don’t think I would have noticed it.  The temple is on small, cramped grounds.  This temple has one main hall, and that’s about it.  The one redeeming thing about this temple are the fierce guardian paintings of Heng and Ha on the entrance doors.

HOW TO GET THERE:  This temple is very easy to get to.  When you leave the intercity bus complex, you should walk straight towards Tumulus Park for about 300 metres.  Remain on the left side of the main road.  You’ll have to keep your eyes open for this temple because it’s really easy to pass it by without even noticing it, especially with all the beauty that surrounds you.

Admission to this temple is free.

OVERALL RATING: 2/10.  The one noteworthy attribute to this temple are the two fierce guardians, Heng and Ha, on the front doors that protect Beopjangsa Temple from evil spirits.  While this temple pales in comparison to the historical grandeur of Gyeongju, it’s worth a quick step inside the grounds to take a couple pictures of the impressive front door paintings of the temple guardians.

The second fierce guardian, Heng, that protects the temple from evil spirits.
And the main hall at Beopjangsa Temple.

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