My Dear Anna….

Beautiful Anna..

So this post is going to be a bit different than most. Instead of talking about temples, I’m going to talk about my daughter, Anna, who needs your help.

Last year, we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Anna Quarrington, into the world. However, since she was born at just 26 weeks, and a preemie, she’s had a lot of medical issues. Since the lungs are the last to form, Anna’s greatest issues have been with her lungs.

So far, we’ve been able to cover her medical costs; however, after eleven months of being in the hospital, and with $35,000 already spent on her medical bills, we have used up all of our savings. And with it looking like she might still be in the hospital for at least 6 more months, we are turning to our friends and family for help.

It’s been a long road with only being able to visit her for thirty minutes each day for the past eleven months. But she is making progress. And with any donation, it will help take a bit of stress off of us.

So if you’re able, please make a donation to our GoFundMe campaign here.

If you’re in Korea, and it’s easier for you to make a direct bank transfer, please email me at: dostoevsky_21_81 [at]

I know the people that come to my site are a generous group. So please, any and all donations would greatly be appreciated to bring Anna home that much sooner.

Thank you!!

-Dale Quarrington

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