The Blog’s One Year Birthday


Hello Again Everyone,

Well, it’s now official, the blog just passed the one year mark. And with it, there has been a lot of good that’s come from producing this blog. I’ve met a lot of interesting people along the way, and been able to contribute material outside the parameters of the blog.

I’ve been able to write for The Korea Times:

Article #1, Article #2, Article #3, Article #4, Article #5.

I’m a regular contributor on the community of foreign bloggers at 

My blog postings are posted at the weekly online magazine, Seoul Weekly, by Robert Koehler.

I received honourable mention on the Pusanweb summer photo contest.

An article of mine appeared on the Buddhist Channel website.

And just recently I was included as a contributing member to, The Korea Blog, which acts as the official blogspot for the Korean government.

Here’s to hoping that the success and support of the blog will continue for many years to come.

Thanks everyone!

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