Temple Stay: Hwagyesa Temple (Seoul)


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Hwagyesa Temple in Seoul (courtesy of http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/)

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Introduction to the Temple:

Hwagyesa Temple was first founded in 1522 A.D by the monk Shinwol. Tragically, the temple was destroyed by fire in 1618. It wasn’t until 1866, through financial support from royal elders, that the temple was rebuilt to its past glory. There are numerous buildings at the temple to enjoy like the Daeung-jeon main hall, the Myeongbu-jeon Hall, as well as the Samseong-gak shaman shrine hall. In addition to these buildings, a visitor can enjoy a small spring to the rear of the temple, and up a valley, called Hwagye-gol. The spring water from Oktak-cheon is said to have curative properties for skin and stomach ailments.

Visitors to the Temple Stay program at Hwagyesa Temple can enjoy Buddhist services, meditation, a forest walk, a tea ceremony, as well as conversations with the numerous international monks that call Hwagyesa Temple home.


On the Seoul subway system, you’ll need to get to line #4 and get off at the Suyu subway station. After going out Exit #3, you’ll need to board local Bus #2 for an additional 15 minutes. You’ll need to get off at the Hwagyesa stop.

General Schedule:

Unfortunately, there is no information about the schedule on the Temple Stay website. You will need to contact the temple directly to gain more information about the program’s schedule.

Hwagyesa Temple Information:

Address : 487, Suyu 1-dong Gangbuk-gu Seoul

Tel : 82-2-900-4326 / Fax : 82-2-990-1885

homepage : http://hwagyesa.org

E-mail : zenseoul@yahoo.com


Regrettably, there is no fee information on the Temple Stay website. You’ll need to contact the temple directly.


To contact the temple directly to set an appointment, you can email them at: zenseoul@yahoo.com. Or you can call the Temple stay administration office at: +82-2-900-4326


Another view of Hwagyesa Temple (courtesy of http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/)

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