Temple Stay: Naesosa Temple (Buan, Jeollabuk-do)


The main hall at Naesosa Temple.

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Introduction to the Temple:

Naesosa Temple was first constructed in 633 A.D. by the monk Hyegu. This was during the Baekje Dynasty (18 B.C. – 660 A.D); presently, it’s on the southern outskirts of Byeonsan Bando National Park. At first, the temple was known as Soraesa Temple, but fell into disrepair. About a thousand years later, the temple was rebuilt in 1633 by the monk Cheongmin. It was also around this time that the temple changed its name to its current name: Naesosa Temple. The name of the temple roughly translates as, “Anyone who enters here can get a fresh start on all their problems.”

The Temple Stay program at Naesosa Temple offers a visitor a chance to enjoy the nature that surrounds the temple, as well as what life is like as a Buddhist monk in Korea. With community work built into the program, as well as a trip to a neighbouring waterfall, a visitor gets a first-hand view of what spiritual life must be like for a Korean Buddhist monk.

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Nature at its finest at Naesosa Temple.


You’ll first need to get to Buan Bus Terminal in Jeollabuk-do. From this bus terminal, you can take a direct bus to Naesosa Temple. The bus will let you off 800 metres outside the temple grounds. You’ll need to make your way towards the entry gate and past all the stores and restaurants that line the way. You can take a bus or a taxi, which takes about 50 minutes from the Buan Bus Terminal, and it will cost you around 30,000 won. The official website says 30 minutes, but this just isn’t true, so be warned.

General Schedule:

Naesosa Temple runs a single Temple Stay program at its temple.

A: Naesosa Regular Schedule: This program is a scheduled program that runs one night and two days.

Day 1:

14:30: Registration and get a room

15:00: Opening ceremony and an orientation towards temple customs

16:00: Information about Naesosa Temple and introduction to each shrine

17:10: Dinner

18:00: Striking the temple bell and the evening Buddhist ceremony

18:30: Tea ceremony and a conversation with a monk

21:00: Bedtime

Day 2:

04:00: Wake up time

04:20: Early morning Buddhist ceremony

05:00: 108 bows and meditation

06:00: Monks’ meal

07:10: Community work (clear a room, wash bowls, etc)

08:00: Trekking to Jick-so waterfall and have lunch

12:00: Writing about your impressions

13:00: Closing Ceremony

13:30: Good-byes



(Courtesy of the Temple Stay website).

Naesosa Temple Information:

Address : 268, Seokpo-ri, Jinseo-myeon Buan-gun Jeollabuk-do

Tel : +82-63-583-3035 / Fax : +82-63-583-7280

homepage : http://www.naesosa.org

E-mail : naesosa@templestay.com


Adults: 60,000 won; Teens: 40,000 won (Naesosa Regular Schedule)


Reservations for the Naesosa Regular Schedule Temple Stay program.


The beautiful view of the Sanshin-gak at Naesosa Temple.

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