Video: Tongdosa Temple

Hello Again Everyone!!

As was mentioned in the last post, and with this incarnation of the blog coming to a close, the blog will reappear on Youtube as a video. I’ll be exploring both old and new temples and bring them to you in a vlog format. I hope you’ll continue to support me with this new endeavour. And thanks, once again, for all the support these past 9 years.

Without further ado, here’s the very first vlog entry dedicated to my favourite temple in Korea: Tongdosa Temple. Enjoy!

Good-Bye for Now

Hello Again Everyone!!

It’s been awhile since I last posted, and it’s with regret that I’m now posting to say that this will be my last post. The blog will cease to be at the end of this February. With family commitments and other projects taking up most of my time, I simply don’t have the time to continue to blog. Perhaps in the future, a year from now or perhaps two, I’ll continue. But for now, I simply don’t have the time the blog demands.

I really want to thank everyone for all the support these past nine years that the blog first came into existence in January of 2011. It truly is remarkable how this humble little blog took off and has continued to grow each and every year. I’m truly humbled.

With all that being said, I won’t completely disappear. Instead, I’ll continue to frequently post pictures on my Facebook page here: Facebook Page

As well as on my Instagram page here: Instagram Page

And I’m hoping to jump-start my Youtube channel over the next couple of months with brand new videos of temples and hermitages. You can follow my Youtube channel here: Youtube Channel

And lastly, you can always pick up one of my books from Amazon. I’m currently working on an all new temple book about the weird and wonderful. You can check out all my other books here: My Amazon Page

Once again, a heart-felt thank you for all those that have supported me. It was truly an amazing ride. And who knows what the future will bring. But for now, it’s good-bye.


Dale Q.